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Construction Sites 2022: Modern Equipment You Must Use

Despite the impediments the construction industry has faced during the pandemic, they continued to experience high demand. People are remodeling homes here and there, and new businesses keep popping up. But because of the postponed projects, many construction firms are unable to take on new clients. As a result, new buildings and infrastructure may face delays while they are being built.

For this reason, construction firms should take advantage of the latest technologies in the industry. This would accelerate the progress of their projects and boost productivity. And of course, it would generate a hefty return on investment.

The latest technologies should be focused on the equipment fleet. With advanced equipment, not only will the project sail as smoothly as possible but safety risks can be reduced as well.

Without further ado, here are the modern equipment pieces your projects need in 2022:

1. Modern Earth-moving Equipment

Construction machinery is classified into two categories: earth-moving equipment and material handling equipment. For the former, the following has adopted new technologies so far:

  • Excavators

Today’s excavators come with semi-automatic operations for critical functions. For example, the Standard Cat Grade lineup, from 313 to 352, comes with “Assist” as the standard. It allows the operator to maintain grade, boost accuracy, and experience less mental strain from digging all day long.

Innovations like this allow a younger workforce to fill the industry. And as Gen Z are digital natives, they’ll get the hang of semi-automatic excavators quickly.

  • Backhoes

Backhoes are adopting new technologies as well. The latest developments aim to increase the operator’s comfort while boosting the equipment’s performance. Caterpillar backhoes, for example, now come with adjustable Joystick Response and Hydraulic Modulation. This reduces the chances of a mistake in case the operator isn’t sure of themselves. They can adjust the joystick response to meet their skill and technique.

  • Dump Truck

Even dump trucks, which offer limited functions such as moving and dumping different kinds of material, are becoming more advanced. Like the latest excavators and backhoes, new dump trucks are now designed for easier operations. Safety has been factored in as well. For example, the pedestrian detection feature allows operators to reduce the risks of road accidents while using the machine. In addition, some dump trucks now boast autonomous operations, which manage speed and other factors to reduce fuel costs and maximize productivity.

2. Modern Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment is used for moving raw materials from one place to another. The following has shown advancements lately:

  • Cranes
    top view of a crane on top of a building

The typical crane features a large, vertical mast, where a horizontal crane arm juts out from. Advanced cranes still carry this design, but the crane trucks are now equipped with telematics technology. It keeps track of fuel burn, location, and other machine performance parameters. Ease of set-up, safety, and lift-planning have been optimized as well.

One of the latest crane innovations is the patented SmartFly. It includes color-coded, spring-loaded latches which indicate the length fly being erected or stowed. Basically, it allows intelligent crane control, which a younger workforce may also find appealing.

  • Heavy Haulers

Heavy haulers do not have the best reputation in the industry. That’s because they emit high amounts of carbon that contribute to rapid climate change. Thankfully, the industry is changing that, allowing construction projects to be greener.

The future of long-haul heavy trucking may include lots of hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel cells may decrease dwell times and stops. That’s because a hydrogen tank can be fueled 15 times faster than the current batteries used. As such, construction companies that frequently ship raw materials across different states can save significant time and money from hydrogen fuel cells. What’s more, hydrogen can reduce emissions without sacrificing too much cargo space.

3. Modern Air Compressors

Air compressors are a vital part of construction sites. They optimize output and help deliver near-perfect results. They have three main purposes, such as:

  • Accelerating the construction process
  • Increases efficiency in static pressure creation
  • Ensures working under optimal pressure

Facing a high demand from the industry, the market has made a range of air compressors available. And since small-scale projects are on the rise today, like home renovations, your company should invest in top-notch portable air compressor trailers. Air compressors cannot be sacrificed nowadays, as it reduces the mechanical tools you need on the site. Also, they allow you to achieve polished and flawless results every time.

With these modern equipment pieces in your fleet, you can catch up on your delayed projects and let them progress efficiently and quickly. They can also develop new skills from your operators. And because they boast technological advancements, you can attract younger workers to your company, boosting productivity even further.

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