Digital Marketing for Legal Practices: Promoting Your Legal Services amid the COVID-19 Crisis

There’s no denying the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on various industries worldwide. The legal sector is no exception. Think of the threat of the novel coronavirus to jails and prison cells and the effect of the pandemic restrictions on criminal proceedings. Consider legal issues such as family affairs and child custody, domestic violence and child abuse, and employee layoff, and employment discrimination.

It’s good that authorities from different parts of the world have lightened the pandemic restrictions. With the mass vaccination, some people have started going outdoors. However, legal concerns will continue to arise, and every attorney must continue to serve its clients. On top of this is to promote their legal practice now more than ever. That’s where digital marketing comes into the picture. This virtual approach applies to the legal sector as well.

That said, here’s how to promote your legal services during this pandemic:

1. Update your website for service promotion

Having a website is paramount in this digital era, and this applies to legal practice as well. As a legal firm, you must have a professional and credible website where you’ll promote your legal services.

First, have a highly functional website with a well-structured layout and streamlined elements. It is where you’ll display your areas of practice. Also, be sure to make your pieces of content clear and comprehensive. If it helps, add frequently asked questions (FAQs) and calls-to-action (CTAs) to your webpage. Plus, don’t forget to include case studies and client testimonials. Lastly, incorporate responsive web design to make your website mobile-friendly.

2. Boost your SEO, especially for local search

It’s not enough that you have a website for your legal practice. You want to make sure that your potential clients can easily and quickly find your web page on a highly saturated internet. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the picture.

SEO requires you to optimize your website, write relevant content, and build links. However, focus on local SEO so that local clients can find your legal practice online. The initial step is to get your law firm listed in Google My Business by providing your name, address, and phone (NAP) details. When potential clients look for legal services your practice can offer, your website will first appear.

3. Advertise your legal service via a PPC campaign

If SEO doesn’t do enough in boosting your online visibility and website traffic, there’s another approach: pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. For instance, you can create PPC ads specifically about pedestrian accident lawyers your legal firm has. You can also promote legal services, such as criminal, family, and immigration laws, apart from personal injury law.

PPC advertising involves creating PPC ads and displaying them on the search engine results pages (SERP). These ads must appear right before the eyes of your prospective clients looking for legal services. But as a form of paid search, you must pay for every successful click. These clicks will prompt prospects into your website, thus potentially translating them into actual clients.

4. Employ email marketing

person typing on a computer

Email marketing has long been proven effective in the world of business. Forbes considers email as a powerful marketing tool. As such, you can employ email marketing to promote your legal services.

You can reach out to two markets — old clients and new ones. First, send your regular clients personalized emails asking how they are doing amid the crisis. Inform them how available your legal practice is in serving their legal needs. On the other hand, conduct research to determine who your potential clients are. Once you have their email addresses, send them emails offering your legal services.

5. Stay active on social media

We now live in a digital era, where we can no longer deny the power of social media. Not only do people use these channels for personal purposes, but they also utilize these platforms for business. As a legal firm, you must stay active on social media, whether Facebook or LinkedIn. That’s where social media marketing comes into the picture.

For instance, you can create Facebook ads promoting your legal services and target them to the right clients. You can also publish and share valuable legal content on LinkedIn to make you a thought leader in the legal industry. Ultimately, social media will boost your client engagement, increase your lead generation, and even convert leads into actual clients.

At this point, you now know how to promote your legal services during this pandemic. Consider the digital marketing strategies recommended above, from updating your website to employing email marketing to staying active on social media. With all these strategies, you’ll be able to get more clients and serve their legal needs. Not only will you boost your profits, but you’ll stay true to your commitment to upholding the laws of the land amid the crisis.


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