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Ways to Capture Beautiful Baby Photos

Having a baby is a life-changing event. That’s why parents have a natural compulsion to capture their baby’s every waking moment. Newborns grow up fast, so it’s crucial to take many photos to preserve those memories.

As a parent, you’ll likely find it challenging to take flattering angles of your baby. This is true, especially when you’re busy nursing, bathing, and changing nappies. But don’t worry. You might not be a professional, but you can still elevate your photography skills. How do you take picture-perfect photos just like the pros? Take note of these photography tips:

1. Capture Your Baby’s First Moments

Once you have a newborn, you’ll want to take photos of his ‘firsts.’ Have your camera ready any time so you can take those memorable family moments.

Everything from your baby’s first meal and bath, all the way to the first time to meet grandparents is a picture-worthy moment. Document your family’s reaction and focus on the emotions they express.

Candid family shots with your baby are not just entertaining. They help you preserve beautiful events that you can show your son or daughter when they’re older.

Another exciting thing you can do is capture your baby’s growth by the month. Plan a monthly baby photoshoot in the same area of the house. For comparison, you can have your baby sit next to an object like a stuffed animal. Once you compile the photos, you’ll see how much your bundle of joy has grown over the year.

2. Take Closer Shots of Your Baby

One of the best ways to take flattering shots of your baby is to get closer. From afar, your baby tends to look flat and uninteresting. But if you stoop down low and get closer, it will reveal more lively details.

For instance, if your baby is playing on the floor, get down on their level. If she’s sleeping soundly, discreetly take a close up shot of her angelic face. More than anything, moving closer will look like you’re zooming in and showing your baby’s world. This is a lot better compared to just taking the usual baby photos from above.

Here’s another tip: If your camera has a macro feature, use it. This allows you to zoom in finer details, like your baby’s feet and hands. This gives you vivid and dramatic shots of your newborn.

3. Use Natural Light or Indirect Flash

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Like everyone, you’ve probably made the mistake of taking poorly lit photos. You end up missing a great moment because the resulting picture is just too dark.

Want photos with soft, dramatic light? Take pictures under sunlight. It can be as simple as placing your baby next to a sunny window and timing your shots during the hour after sunrise and the final hours before the sunset.

More often than not, bright flash washes out details in your image. It’s also not advisable to use direct flash on babies because this can startle them and make them feel uncomfortable.

However, you can soften the flash by covering it with tissue paper. This diffuses the light, so it looks more like natural light in a room. If you have a digital camera, another option is to increase your camera’s ISO setting, so you don’t need to use flash.

4. Get Creative and Use Props

To make things more interesting, don’t be afraid to use creative backdrops for your baby’s photos. Apart from taking beautiful candid shots, this is what a professional baby photographer in Melbourne will do. A creative photographer can arrange the background to give it a more whimsical or dramatic theme.

Have fun and include props that the baby can interact with. You can use accessories like pink blankets, baskets, flowers, as long as it’s not harmful to the baby.

5. Keep Your Camera Close

While babies seem predictable, you’ll notice them doing cute and funny things unexpectedly. You don’t know when those right moments will come, so keep a camera handy. Even something as simple as giggle during feeding time is a great moment. Considering how often babies cry, you want to watch out for those happy times.

You don’t need a bulky digital camera around. A camera phone will do. Otherwise, you’ll miss great moments that pass by quickly. Make sure that your baby is happy and comfortable during every photo session. Just take note of the photography tips above, and you’ll surely take beautiful photos.

Finally, beyond capturing great memories, spend quality time with your baby. Remember, you’re not just taking pictures. Be present and enjoy those wonderful moments together.

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