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Landscaping 101: Maximizing Your Space

When you buy property for your business, it should be with an eye on the future. Think about how you will expand and grow. You can also use the space for other developments. However, when you’re just starting, there is no reason to leave them alone. Commercial landscaping companies in Ogden and other nearby areas can help with turning all that unused space into something attractive to look at. Here’s how to get the most out of the property:

Learn More About the Property

When you’re beginning your landscaping plans, you should learn the details of the property. This mostly comes in the form of the types of soil on the land, the current topography of the site, and the usual climate of the area. For example, you will want to know whether the property sees large amounts of rain since this can affect your plans on how to water the property and handle the drainage issues of the area.

Divide into Areas and Link Them

The problem with large properties is that it can be boring to have a single theme dominate the entire space. This is why it is best to divide space into distinct areas with their particular focus. For example, one part of the property can have multiple trees and provide adequate shade for a picnic lunch with tables being available. Another part can have water features like a small pond.

Though you can divide the space, you should also have a link to each area. The goal is to create a cohesive whole from individual parts. Simple visual cues can do this. For example, have a pathway run through the entire area or have similar decorations be found in differing spaces.

Think About Sound

Though it might not seem important, having an ample space means that sound is part of the equation when it comes to landscaping. You don’t want the noise from one area to carry over to another – which is precisely what empty spaces do. Disrupt the sounds by adding sound elements like rustling trees and moving water so each space can have its privacy.

Add Some Colors

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Though it is tempting to have everything be green, this will leave your space looking like a cemetery. You will want to break the grass and trees up with some color. Plant some flower bushes or throw in some colorful sculptures to make the landscape stand out.

Make It Accessible

It will be a pity to do all that work landscaping without letting people see it. Have a convenient path to see all the highlights of the property. Letting them walk on grass makes it seem like you are limiting them. Multiple walkways and trails are an excellent way to encourage people to see the sights better.

Large properties are like an open canvas when it comes to landscaping. While you’re not using it, it is better to make it look good. The tips above should be a big help in turning the empty spaces into something attractive while they are not used.

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