8 Summer Business Strategies for Recreational Facilities

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it’s also a great opportunity to get your business moving forward, especially if you’re in a recreational facility business.

If you’re looking for ways to capitalize on the season, grow your business, and invite more customers, here are some ideas to help you get started:

1. Improve Your Facilities

It should be easy for potential customers to find you, but if your facilities are in poor shape, it might not happen. If you have a pool, don’t let it turn green just because your filtration system isn’t working.

Ensure the pH balance is ideal. It should not be too alkaline that it will increase the risk of bacteria contamination, making your guests susceptible to skin infections. Maintaining a lower pool pH without chemicals also avoids scale build-up, which can decrease the efficiency of the pool and cost you more money in the long term.

2. Hold a Sale or Special Event

Summer is a great time to get customers coming in and spending money.  Hold a sale, hold a special event, or just offer a promotion.

Maybe you could offer your services at half price for the summer to attract more customers. You can also consider offering free services to the first 10 customers. This will get more people in the door and you might be surprised by how much revenue it can generate.

Maybe you could host an outdoor garden party where everyone brings food, and you provide drinks and music. Use this chance to get people in the door before your normal business hours, so they become familiar with your facility or event.

3. Develop New Programs

Are you running out of ideas for new programs to develop? Look outside the box and think about what others in your industry could be doing. Maybe you could offer cooking classes or yoga instruction at your establishment.

If you have conference rooms, you may convert them into co-working spaces. After all, more people are going remote. You can also expand your brand into health and wellness, so you can offer other services such as aquatic fitness classes.

4. Improve Customer Service


You can also use the season to assess your customer service and revamp strategies when needed. For example, you could review your typical wait time and the ways you handle customers.

If it takes too long for customers to get their food, drinks, or rentals, it might be worth investing in a new system so you can serve them faster. On the other hand, if people are waiting too long at your cash register, consider hiring another person or two to help speed things up.

5. Look for Ways to Expand Your Brand

Are you offering everything that your customers need? Could they get their nails done, buy groceries, and book a hotel room all from the same location? If not, start thinking about how you can expand your brand into other areas of business.

Maybe there’s a space at your establishment that’s not being used. Otherwise, you could partner with related businesses in your area. This arrangement, when done right, can be beneficial for you since you can share resources while further helping your local economy.

6. Host a Customer Appreciation Event

It’s always nice to thank your loyal patrons, so why not hold a customer appreciation event? Throw the party at the end of summer before everyone goes back to school or work.

You could do a picnic, barbecue, happy hour, etc., and invite all of your customers. Make sure you send out invitations in advance, so they can make plans for the event.

7. Build Workplace Culture by Organizing an Office Olympics-style Event

Offer fun summer team-building activities through your office. You could hold an Office Olympics-style event where everyone can participate without the need to go outside.

If you don’t have time for a full-blown event, then host mini-competitions like bowling or capture the flag during lunch hour.

8. Take Advantage of Seasonal Trends

Summer affords you the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal trends. For example, beach-themed events are more popular in the summer than any other season.

Additionally, there’s also a growing demand for water parks and entertainment centers that offer rides, games, food, drinks. Keep your eyes peeled for new shows or movies that can help you build your brand.

You can also invest in promotional items. Offer something as simple as a free beverage, hat, or reusable cup with purchase for everyone who visits your establishment. You can also give out coupons customers can use during off-peak seasons like winter.

As a business owner, you can pursue several ways to take advantage of summer and use it to build your brand, create an amazing time, and increase your profit.

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