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Pointers to Increase the Manufacturing Capacity of a Factory

When it comes to the manufacturing industry, efficiency and productivity are two things that companies aim to achieve. These two help manufacturers to increase production, which allows them to generate more revenue. This is particularly true after the pandemic compelled many factories to close indefinitely to stop the spread of the virus.

With more than 300 million vaccine doses administered, the manufacturing sector is already well on its way to recovery. But manufacturers are still looking to improve their production. Here are the different methods manufacturers can increase their productivity.

Evaluate Current Workflow

The first thing these companies should do is to evaluate their current workflow. They can increase the efficiency of their workflow by implementing changes to it. The components these companies should review are the people, the equipment, and the processes.

They should make sure the people have the training they need for their work. The company should also check if its equipment is outdated. If the equipment needs an upgrade, it may be time for a new capital infusion to acquire new equipment. For the processes, the company should check if it can improve it, especially if it acquires new equipment.

But before implementing the changes, the company should make sure the changes it’s planning will improve productivity. If it does not improve productivity, it may be better for the company to avoid making changes in the workflow.

Follow Scheduled Maintenance

The maintenance of tools and equipment is essential to ensure they are functioning properly. Preventive maintenance also ensures they are safe to use by the workers. Ignoring scheduled maintenance can affect efficiency and slow down production. It can also endanger workers since the equipment may break down and fail to function properly.

Due to this, companies should create a regular schedule for the preventive maintenance of their equipment. It can use the workflow processes when scheduling maintenance to minimize the effect on productivity. To reduce the maintenance period, the company can also use a hydraulic fluid enhancer solution for its equipment. The solution can increase the lifespan of hydraulic fluid, which can reduce the need to replace it often.

Update Technology or Processes

After checking the workflow, companies should assess whether they can update the processes that they are using to increase productivity. This is particularly true if these companies acquired new equipment to increase productivity. The new equipment may have features that allow them to do away or add some steps in their production process.

Companies can also consider using automation to increase the efficiency of their production processes. Using automation can also reduce errors during the production process. They can also take into account other developments in technology to increase production, including the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. A lot of industries are using these technologies to increase productivity and efficiency.

Train the Employees

Improving processes and acquiring new equipment and technology can only improve productivity if the company trains its employees. Even if the company has the latest technology and equipment, it cannot take advantage of it if the employees do not know how to use them. Training employees is also a good employee retention strategy since the employees feel that they are valued through the training they receive.

The company should train all employees who will use the new equipment. It’s best to schedule the training sessions after the company installs the equipment. It should also record the sessions and provide refresher sessions whenever needed. Additionally, the company should provide sessions to communicate the different policies in the company to ensure all employees are aware of them.

Organize the Factory

Aside from the workflow and processes, companies should also look at the physical setup of the company. It can check if it can improve the setup to enhance efficiency and reduce movement in the workspace. The company should also position the materials and tools in areas that make them accessible to the employees. It may even have to set up a storage area on the workspace to facilitate this.

Removing unnecessary tools and materials can also help increase efficiency since it takes out any obstructions that can reduce movement within the workspace. The overall layout of the workspace should focus on optimizing efficiency and productivity for the employees. The company should look for the best position of equipment and materials if the employees need to move them from one place to another.

Companies should remember that too much movement reflects a poorly organized workspace. This has a significant effect on efficiency and productivity.

Increasing efficiency and productivity are two things that manufacturers need to work on to increase their revenue. It also allows them to make up for the losses they incurred when the pandemic started.

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