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How to Improve the Online Presence of Small Businesses

The audience coverage for online marketing is almost limitless. As long as a page is still present on the internet, anyone can access it even years after it was initially published. Businesses of all sizes may reach the same number of people online and this is a great opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of. But what can you do to boost your online presence? Here are some ways.

Build your network

There are around 2.7 billion social media users in 2019 and this number might still grow over the years. Although not all internet users may be in social media, your presence in social networking platforms would still matter in building rapport between your business and those whom you might transact with.

But there are so many platforms and it could be quite tedious to be on all of them, so how would you choose which ones can benefit your business best? Here are three of the most popular social networking sites and why you might want to consider them:

Facebook. With reportedly 1.32 billion active users, Facebook is considered as the most widely-used social media platform in the world. The advertising platform in this site is highly developed and you can precisely filter the target of your advertisements. You can also engage with audience and generate leads easily through


Instagram. Instagram is a visual social media platform with around 500 million daily active users. Since it has the same owner as Facebook, this platform may have similar paid advertising benefits, but also allow for easier organic growth. You might have to pay for ads to reach more people and increase Facebook followers. On Instagram, you may gain followers without having to pay, depending on the content you post.

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LinkedIn. Considered to be a social media platform for professionals, most of the 575 million LinkedIn users are in the working sector. The advertising function here may not be as great as Facebook, but it allows you to target more job positions if your business aims to target specific businesses or job titles.

Make your content count

All kinds of content published by or regarding a business could contribute to its online presence. Once you have established a page for your business, it is now time to have people visit your page and increase traffic, and content is great for this. Not only will you be able to introduce your brand to the world through content marketing, you could also secure a high ranking in the search engine results page with high-quality content. You can do this by publishing an infographic, video or blog post about your business and by employing SEO services which ensures the optimisation of your page’s ranking.

Even outside the internet, focusing on providing your target audience with their needs can go a long way for your business. Try to engage them and build strong relationships with them. As much as possible, be constant and consistent in connecting with them whether through your online presence or through your products and services. Do not forget to be confident in what you offer too, because only then can you sincerely make a strong and valuable bond with your target market.

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