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Amazing Gadgets: Check out These High-Tech Gadgets

Technology has made it possible for us to heat our food without using fire, drive across the country without using fuel and even turn 2D images into 3D objects without using our hands. If you’ve ever used a 3D printer, you know what the last item meant.

You’ve probably spent hours creating some marvellous sculptures or even tools. But be sure to stock up on 3D printer filaments, so that you can keep on working on those designs. Anyway, technology has given us more gadgets to work with, and here you’ll find some high-tech gadgets you’ll sure to love:

Omnidirectional treadmill

If you’re a huge fan of virtual reality, you might notice that there’s a big problem with enjoying the whole VR experience and that is not getting to walk around safely. Older versions of virtual technology will only equip you with goggles and some gloves.

But you don’t get to experience the whole shebang when in your virtual world you’re supposed to be walking around, and in your real-world, you’re sitting on the couch. VR manufacturers have long been working to fix that dilemma, and it seems that they have found the solution.

The omnidirectional treadmill is a platform where you can walk around while you’re using your VR goggles. The best part of this treadmill is that you can change direction depending on where you want to go in your virtual world.

Unlike traditional treadmills where you can only walk or run forward, the omnidirectional treadmill enables you to move towards any direction making your VR experience more realistic.

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Mobile drone

Doesn’t it annoy you when you’re travelling alone and the Parthenon is in front of you, and you want to take a selfie, but your phone is too close to you that you can’t fit in the whole temple in the frame? Then you think about asking anyone around you to take your picture, but you’re too shy to interrupt their own picture-taking moment.

Well, now you don’t have to go back to your hotel room looking so glum because someone has invented the perfect solution to selfie problems – the mobile drone. It’s much better than the selfie stick if you’re really aiming for the someone-else-took-this-photo effect.

The mobile drone will let you take a selfie from any angle without having to hold the phone. With four propellers to keep your phone afloat, you can remote control your smartphone to stay at any level for a few seconds while you get ready to take your selfie.

What’s better about this is that you could move your phone as far away from you so that you can get a wide panoramic shot of you and your background. It’s perfect for solo travellers who are avid selfie-takers as well.

Solar phone charger

Another annoying thing about mobile phones is when you need to recharge it. Sometimes you’re on the road, and you can’t find a reliable power source to plug your phone in. And when you’re in the middle of nowhere, the last thing you want to die on you is your phone.

Fortunately, someone already took note of that and decided to build a gadget that can charge your phone using the one power source that is most abundant – the sun. Solar phone chargers are helping people charge their phones even if they’re deep in the wild because it harnesses the power source of the sun.

So, if you’re looking to improve your selfies, charge your phone while in the middle of the sea or walk through the virtual world as realistically as possible, then check out the gadgets above.

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