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3 Worthy Upgrades for Small Businesses

For small businesses to thrive, it is important to keep up with growth, maintain sufficient protocols that are sustainable, and upgrade the business. Here are some easy upgrades that can make your small business run smoothly:

1. Switch your phone system to VOIP

These days, most people have an internet connection on their smartphones and rightfully expect most establishments to have internet, too. With many orders, questions, and concerns from customers, having a secure and efficient line is crucial for small businesses. By switching to VOIP, you can maintain a stable phone line but without the additional bill or constraints of traditional call services.

All you need for a VOIP phone service is the basic understanding of the system, which you can have by configuring system lingo with the help of a VOIP service provider. From there, they can connect you with the type of VOIP phone your business needs, whether it’s a hard phone similar to an analog phone setup or a mobile VOIP app that lets you and your staff use your own tablets or smartphones.

By using VOIP, you can enjoy the connectivity that the Internet provides to show that your business is stable and reliable.

2. Encourage being plastic-free

Thankfully, the tide of being eco-friendly is one that more customers are supporting and more businesses are paying attention to. As consumers start investing their money in more mindful brands and companies, you can show your support by going plastic-free.

In the initial stages, it may seem more expensive given that you will need to put more money towards buying tools or equipment that aren’t disposable. However, this will prove wise in the long-run, as materials that are meant to last like glass and steel will save you from frequent purchases.

You can also show your clientele that this is your stance by gently letting it be known in your marketing materials. It doesn’t have to be a big no-plastic ban right off the bat either. It can start small, like no plastic straw or no plastic bags. If you aren’t in the business of using plastic anyway, perhaps look at other environmentally-friendly options, such as opting for recycled paper.


3. Invest in training for your staff

You may have a great concept, but if the people representing you don’t come fully equipped, they may not be able to sell your brand. Regardless if you’re a mom and pop store or a budding SME with 40 employees, education is always a good thing. Look for training classes that can help boost your staff’s knowledge on various topics. They can be as wide as marketing or as specific as a floral arrangement.

Whatever class you think will better empower your people is always worth looking into. It doesn’t even have to be a full-fledged course, either. Look at local short courses or seminars that could be interesting. You could even ask your staff to provide ideas that you can pick from. This way, everyone has a say in the matter, too. This will both boost your employees’ morale and performance.

There are many ways to make your business popular, especially with the right tools and when you work with a strong internal foundation, to begin with. These three tips will help polish your brand’s credibility and reputation among customers while allowing you to fortify your brand’s core values and spirits.

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