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Understanding Laser Cutting and Its Advantages

The business of cutting materials has more implications (and profit) than you might think. The needs of the manufacturing industry are not the same types that would require just a pair of shears—the material is often stronger, more malleable, and most importantly, more profitable.

There are many ways to go about cutting a material, with shearing, ablation, and electric discharge being a few. However, laser cutting has some strong benefits. Here are some reasons it should be used when it comes to industrial and commercial cutting needs:

It’s versatile

One of the biggest strengths of laser cutting is that it has a wide variety of applications. As the beam can often be adjusted or changed to fit whatever the job requires, it can be very flexible in terms of application and quite varied when it comes to the results.

Many industries today use some form of laser cutting in their manufacturing or material handling processes. With laser cutting, the possibility for the ease and versatility of your cutter opens new possibilities for your business, such as a more efficient production line and higher quality when it comes to output.

It’s precise

The biggest drawback of mechanical cutting (like shearing and abrasion) is that it can be prone to over-or-under cutting. The margin for error for these materials can often be surprisingly wide given their mechanical action, which can be predicted to some extent but never fully controlled.

On the other hand, laser cutting is a more efficient method when it comes to risk-output ratio since the technology that controls the laser can be finely calibrated to the point where a production defect is almost non-existent. This is especially critical for projects or industries that require extremely tuned or delicate instruments.

This precision extends beyond the cut itself. Since the way that laser shears off the material is microscopic in nature, it can avoid undue changes to the material that needs to be cut by either chemical or unwanted physical changes.

It’s applicable to a wide variety of materials

cutting machine

Another strong application of laser cutting is the wide variety of materials available for it to work with. With a few adjustments either to the equipment or the method of cutting, it becomes possible to work with new and better materials for a fraction of the time and much better quality than before.

The reason behind this is the fact that the process of laser cutting can be extremely precise, and therefore, be applied to a host of materials that mechanical or electric cutting are unable to. Suitable for delicate scoring and high-intensity material cutting, lasers can effectively and reliably produce clean and straight cuts without any damage to the material.

Whether it’s using a CO2 laser cutter or a fiber laser beam, laser cutting gives consumers and companies a new dimension to work with when it comes to material. It makes some tasks easier and faster. Precise, reliable, and always consistent, it offers a good return on investment from the high upfront cost.

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