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Unboxing Videos as the Next Big Thing in Marketing

Unless you are living under a rock, you surely have heard about unboxing videos. The concept is very simple. Someone—may it be an influencer or an ordinary social media user—will unbox a product for all the world to see. The video will show what you can find inside the box once you buy the product for yourself. It gives you a glimpse into the experience of unboxing a certain product—may it be food, accessories, shoes, clothing, laptop, gaming console, and mobile phone.

Every member of the Millennial Generation and Generation Z has at least created one or watched an unboxing video. Before they buy a product, they usually want to see how it looks like when they receive it. That’s the whole point of an unboxing video. Back in 2015, when this just beginning to make its impact, these videos got more than a billion views. Today, some unboxing videos have tens of millions of views. If a popular social media influencer made them, then expect that video to go viral.

Remember When You Were Kids?

Do you remember at Christmas how much you love to unwrap your presents? It’s the same feeling people get these days when they receive a shipment. They love the idea of removing that plastic wrapping and seeing the item they bought. Unboxing videos heighten that experience by artistically showcasing each item in the box. And not only that, but it’s also a great marketing tool. It is, in fact, the future of marketing. Or, maybe it’s already here right now.


Consumers use unboxing videos for research. That’s why you need to find good box and packaging suppliers. Consumers are going to judge your products and company based on the packaging of the item. That is the first thing they will notice when they receive the package. It’s also the first thing they notice when they watch unboxing videos. These videos will zoom in on the details of the box. The blogger will not simply open the box and show what’s inside. They will show the potential customers how the box looks from the outside.

Consumers use unboxing videos as research. When they want to buy something online, and they aren’t sure if it’s a worthy investment, they use these types of videos to help in their decision. It offers an up-close and personal look on the item.


Some products are inaccessible to consumers. Whether it’s too pricey or it’s not out in the market yet, it’s nice to live through others. When they watch an unboxing video, it almost feels like they’re experiencing the excitement of the blogger, too. They share in their joy.


If you want to use unboxing videos as part of your marketing campaign, you have to find an entertaining influencer or blogger. Unboxing videos should not be boring. The unboxing expert should tell a story, some jokes, and anecdotes while doing the unboxing. They need to describe what they feel as they unbox the product. The best ones have a way with words that entertain the viewers.



It’s important that viewers trust, admire, and like the one doing the unboxing. No one will sit through 10 minutes of an unboxing video to watch a product come out of a brown box. Most of these bloggers have loyal followers on their social media accounts. They also have a huge influence on their purchase decisions. This is why companies opt to pay influencers and celebrities a huge amount of money to unbox a product.

If you see your favorite personality unboxing a certain type of cosmetic product, won’t you be persuaded to buy that item, too? It’s not just the packaging and quality of the item that will amaze you. The fact that someone you trust and like loves the product will impact your decision to purchase that item.

What’s Next?

Unboxing videos are free. You can find them on YouTube with a few clicks. That’s why they became as huge as they are now. It’s also why marketers are investing in them. YouTube intends, of course, to make money from these videos. The addition of shoppable links embedded on the video will help any business reach its intended market.

The worlds of marketing and social media are not only evolving, but they’re fast becoming a single entity. You cannot expect your brand to be successful without using social media and the personalities that dominate them. Unboxing videos are a part of that. Once you learn how it can help your business, you should maximize its potentials and reach new markets.

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