Top 5 Technologies That Will Protect Your Business

Your business contains a lot of valuable assets that need protection. Whether it’s your employees, your clients’ sensitive data, money or other valuables, your company needs some security to protect these assets from any possible danger. All companies need to provide the necessary security required to ensure some degree of safety, and thankfully, technology has provided impenetrable security measures for modern businesses. This article discusses five technological security measures you should employ in your business.

Integrated Security Systems

An integrated security system takes all the aspects of the company’s security and synchronizes them into one hub. This means you’ll have control of your security from one location through a single program. With an integrated security system, you can control access via doors, lifts, car park barriers, and monitor real-time events on the CCTV. Another advantage is that through an integrated security system, you can easily track staff members and ensure everyone is evacuated safely in case of an emergency evacuation.

Verified Alarm System

This security system will secure entry points like windows, gates, and doors and send notifications to relevant authorities if there is a security breach. They can be silent alarms that will help nab criminals in the act while they are unaware or loud siren alarms that will notify the surrounding area of a break-in while sending the intruder on the run. You can also install a commercial panic button that you can use to call the police, the hospital or anyone you need when an emergency arises. You can ask for wireless panic buttons from a company like EZ Switch since they are more convenient because you can carry it around at all times.

Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

This security system grants you access to restricted areas without the use of a physical key. Employees are issued a programmed card, code, or fob that they will use to access these areas. Keyless entry systems provide a variety of advantages. For example, it records entry logs, which will be handy when investigating security breaches or conduct violations, and you can change the access code should you deem it necessary.

Security Cameras

A functioning security camera is essential for investigations and deterrence. Security footage will give an accurate insight into an accident or a security breach and help you take the right measures to prevent it from happening again. It also has a deterrence value since people who know they are being monitored will avoid breaking the rules. For maximum results, it is important to choose the right location to set up your cameras.



Online hackers constantly attack many companies. To avoid data theft, you and your employees need to take precautionary measures like setting a strong password and changing it monthly. Another security measure is installing the best and latest firewall to prevent hackers from finding a back door to your system.

Final Take

A top-notch security system will prevent any damage, loss or theft in the company. Moreover, a comprehensive security system will reduce expenses such as liabilities, compensations, insurance and other expenses that are caused by security breaches. Provide a secure workplace with those modern technologies, and it will improve your company’s efficiency and productivity.

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