The Time is Now: Why Start a Security Company?

If you’re thinking about starting a security company, there’s no time like the present. The global security industry is expected to be worth $394.9 billion by 2027, and the demand for security services will only increase in the coming years. Here are four reasons why 2020 is the perfect year to start your own security company.

Growing Demand

The world is becoming increasingly uncertain, and as a result, individuals and businesses are looking for ways to protect themselves from potential threats. This has created a significant demand for security services, which shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The number of property crimes in the United States is increasing. Currently, there was a 1,000% jump in property crimes in selected cities in the country. This means that more and more people are trying to find ways to keep their businesses, properties, and families safe from crime. However, even if crime rates die, people will always need security.

Tap Into New Markets

One of the best things about starting a security company is that you have access to cutting-edge technologies that can help you tap into new markets and reach new customers. For example, if you’re considering starting a home security company, you can take advantage of new IoT-enabled devices like smart doorbells and home automation systems that allow homeowners to monitor their property 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Or, if you’re interested in starting a commercial security company, you could use video analytics to help your clients monitor their premises more effectively or implement access control systems to restrict who can enter their buildings. Whatever type of security company you want to start, there’s sure to be innovative technology to help you achieve your goals.

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Rising Focus on Cybersecurity

Another reason now is the perfect year to start a security company is an increasing focus on cybersecurity across all industries. As more and more businesses move their operations online, they’re becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. These attacks can cause companies millions of dollars, making cybersecurity one of the top priorities for organizations worldwide. This increased focus on cybersecurity presents a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a security company specializing in cyber protection services.

Leverage the Power of the Internet

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that launching a security company because it allows you to leverage the power of the internet like never before. Using digital marketing tools and social media platforms, you can reach a global audience with your message and build a loyal customer base without spending a fortune on marketing or advertising campaigns. Additionally, there are plenty of online resources available that can help you get started with starting your own security company—so what are you waiting for?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why this year is the perfect year to start your own security company. First, however, you’ll need to follow these three tips to succeed in starting a security firm.


The first step will be education. Security is mainly related to the field of criminology. This is centered on the study of crime, the offenders, victims, and society. It’s essential to have a solid understanding of these subjects to succeed in this field. You should take a course from a reputable criminal justice school. This should give you an idea of how the law works and how you can better protect your client’s interests.

Choose Your Field

There are various fields you can take in the field of security. Here are three of the most profitable right now:


As stated earlier, many companies are investing in cybersecurity to protect their data and reputations from attacks. Therefore, this is an up-and-coming field of expertise since it will continue to grow.

Home security

As homeowners become more concerned about safety and theft, they’re looking for better ways to secure their homes. This has increased demand for home security services like alarms, locks, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras.

Private investigation

Another growing industry is private investigations, which companies and individuals use to gather information on specific topics or people. If you have special skills in this area, such as the ability to conduct background checks on potential employees or track down missing persons, then this could be an excellent choice for your business.

Work With Other Professionals

Lastly, you must work closely with other professionals to ensure your business is booming. For instance, you should collaborate with security experts and law enforcement professionals to gather information regarding the latest trends in crime and how this will affect your clients’ needs. This can help you tailor your services accordingly while ensuring you have the most up-to-date training available.

Security is an essential service for any business or individual. By following these tips and making the right decisions, you can start your own security company this year and grow it into a successful enterprise. You can become an industry leader and teach others how to create a successful security firm.

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