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Creating a New Normal: Reopening Businesses Safely

The pandemic of 2020 changed the way people interact with one another, including the places where everyone works. As vaccinations become more widely available and businesses begin to reopen, employers and employees must consider how they can create a safe office environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. Here are some things to remember as you prepare your post-pandemic office space.

Make Plans

Before bringing employees back into an office setting, it is crucial to have the plan to keep them as safe as possible. Even though cases of COVID-19 are decreasing, it is essential to take precautionary measures.

Researching and implementing safety protocols is the best way to lessen the risk of infection. Companies should consider social distancing and mask policies and cleaning protocols for shared surfaces, such as doors, keyboards, and supply drawers. Additionally, plan out areas of the office that should be closed off from employees or visitors—such as break rooms or conference rooms—to prevent large gatherings and maintain social distancing protocols.

Planning for remote work is also essential. In the event of a new outbreak, your company should have a plan in place to transition back to online work quickly and efficiently. The pandemic has already shown the importance of having a reliable remote work system, and now is the time to establish even better remote work protocols for your business.

By being proactive in planning and preparation, employers can create safer office environments for employees. Thus, companies are more likely to have fewer disruptions in their operations.

Implement Technology Solutions

Luckily enough, the pandemic hit an era where technological solutions are widely available. And now, utilizing technology is the best way to create a safe and productive office space.

Many companies have already implemented technology solutions such as door openers, automated check-in systems, and other touchless technology, which can reduce contact between individuals while they are in the office.

Technology can also be used to monitor the office environment. Security and temperature cameras can be installed throughout the office, allowing employers to track activities in real time, monitor for potential safety hazards, and detect any suspicious behavior. Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots can answer frequently asked questions about safety protocols or remind employees to take precautions.

The use of technology to create a safe office space is essential as businesses start to reopen their physical offices. And by taking advantage of the available technological solutions, employers can ensure a safe and productive office environment.

Encourage Regular Cleaning Practices

Flu and diseases thrive in unsanitary conditions; the same goes for the coronavirus. To keep everyone safe and healthy in your office, encourage regular cleaning practices such as washing hands and wiping down surfaces.

Make sure that each employee has easy access to cleaning supplies, such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Encourage employees to wash their workstations regularly and use disposable wipes for surfaces that are shared between multiple people.

You may also consider hiring a professional cleaning company regularly to ensure all areas of your office space are clean and germ-free. Employees should also be encouraged not to share items like phones or computers with other staff members if possible.

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Evaluate the Office Space

It is crucial to evaluate the office space to ensure that it follows safe social-distancing standards. Consider rearranging the office to create more space between individuals. Make sure you have clear markers for where employees should stand and how far apart they should be from each other.

You may also want to add physical barriers, such as clear plastic walls, to separate employees, especially in areas where people need to interact with each other. By evaluating the office space and making sure it meets safety standards, employers can ensure that their employees are safe while they work in the office.

Require a Return-to-Work Screening Test

To ensure that no one is entering the office with any potential COVID-19 symptoms, employers should require a return-to-work screening test for each employee. This screening can help detect any early signs of the virus, and if anyone tests positive for it, the employer can take necessary precautions to protect the rest of the staff.

An accurate COVID-19 screening will reduce the risk of infection in the workplace and create a safer environment for everyone. Working with a reliable healthcare provider is the best way to ensure that your return-to-work screening test is accurate. This will give your staff peace of mind and provide you with the assurance that your office is safe.

Preparing for a post-pandemic office environment requires careful consideration of safety protocols and technologies that can help minimize contact between people while still allowing for collaboration and creativity within the workspace. With proper planning, thoughtful implementation of safety protocols, and encouragement of regular cleaning practices, employers can ensure their offices remain safe places for their employees during this time of transition back into normalcy.

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