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Parents, Weddings, and Support In Your Child’s Time of Need

Weddings are considered to be the bride and the groom’s day. While that may be the case, this special day isn’t truly all about them. Instead, it’s a public affair for all loved ones to enjoy. You, among many others, will get the chance to celebrate your child and their union with their significant other.

However, eloping has become the more popular choice considering how emotionally and financially draining a wedding is. Regardless of how small or grand it is, a wedding will cost a pretty penny. Moreover, many of the younger generation believe that eloping can be just as special, if not more intimate.

Hoping to prevent this from happening with your child? You can lend a helping hand with the preparations. Here are a few ways you can do so.

Planning and Preparation

The foundation of any great wedding is extensive planning. In place of a wedding planner, your child and their partner can plan for the wedding and reception themselves. However, try as they might, they won’t be able to accomplish everything with just the two of them.

This is where you and the rest of their entourage come in. You can research and recommend services for the wedding. Like a company that can deliver quality wedding photo and video production services at a reasonable price.

It’s important to note that throughout the preparation, you don’t have the final say in the matter. It’s not your wedding. You can give your input, but the decision ultimately lies on the bride and groom to be’s hands.

Grunt work is also appreciated come the wedding day. Taking charge of the preparation will allow the bride and groom to get ready with very little worry. You and other loved ones can make sure that the venue and other aspects of the wedding are ready for them as well.


As previously mentioned, weddings can get quite expensive. The venue is only one of the many things that need to be paid for. There’s also the gown, the flowers and decorations, documentation, and reception.

Given these, a popular way of showing your support is by offering to share some of the financial burden. This doesn’t mean that you have to pay for everything, though. As important as this day is to you, it isn’t your wedding day. Allow your child some independence, and provide monetary aid if need be.

Budgets are important to any wedding. Once your child and their partner agree to a number, contribute to the pool of money they have and make it larger.

bride and groom on their wedding day

Emotional Support

Planning for a wedding can be quite harrowing for the bride and groom. The months leading up to the wedding can be overwhelming, considering the long list of things to accomplish before the set date. Then there’s the prospect of spending so much money just for one day.

While finances may not always be an option, emotional support through these times is always a given. Lend an ear, give a hug here and there. Words of wisdom are something you can always provide. Having someone by their side through it all can help prevent cold feet from appearing on their wedding day.

Enjoy Yourself and Remind Them to Do the Same

Your child is likely aware that their wedding is as much theirs as their guests’. They may reach a breaking point and call it quits. As their parents, remind them that their wedding is a celebration of their love even though it’s for show as well.

Weddings are joyous and emotional, and while it may be difficult now, it’ll be worth it in the end. Tell them that.

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