Mistakes to Avoid When Maintaining a Commercial Lawn

lawn with a tall building besideA properly maintained commercial lawn offers benefits such as curb appeal, increased property value, and employee productivity. Most business owners end up making mistakes regarding lawn care. While some of these mistakes are correctable, some can leave long-lasting damage. There is also a chance that the mistakes will recur, which can affect the lawn permanently. What are some of the common mistakes to avoid when maintaining your commercial lawn?

Not Hiring a Professional Lawn Maintenance Service

It requires expertise to maintain a lawn properly. If you lack the same, any attempt you make to maintain your commercial lawn will come with risks. Fortunately, you can always seek commercial lawn care services. Since only the right provider can deliver, you should be careful to work with a seasoned commercial lawn care provider. Working with a professional service guarantees a quality lawn throughout because such providers perform the necessary maintenance tasks regularly.

Mistakes with Fertilization

You need to apply fertilizers on your lawn to keep the grass, plants, and soil healthy. For best results, you should not apply too much. You should also be careful to apply the right fertilizer at the right time. If you use the wrong fertilizer or fertilizer formula, you will end up poisoning your lawn. The chances are that you will kill the grass, flowers, shrubbery, and trees is quite high. To avoid making mistakes when applying fertilizers, you should invest in a soil test kit. Consider seeking professional help, too.


It is true that your lawn grass and plants need water to survive. However, overwatering the lawn would do more harm than good because it results in thatch accumulation and poor rooting. If you have a sodded and clay soil lawn, you should water it sparingly. It is advisable that you turn off all sprinklers during the rainy season. You should also be keen to manage ice and snow to avoid winterkill.

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Not Maintaining It Regularly

Most property owners have a myriad of responsibilities. Sometimes, they end up forgetting or neglecting others. Lawn maintenance is among the responsibilities a property owner can overlook. Neglecting your lawn means more work and expenses later. You will need to make a heavier investment for tree removal, grass replacement, pruning, and reconditioning overgrown landscape gardens. Failure to maintain your lawn regularly would also affect the aesthetic value of your property.

Using a Mower with Dull Blades

A lawn mower with dull blades can still get the work done. However, such blades can rip or tear the grass, which can affect its health. While ripped and torn grass can still recover, it is likely to take time. This would affect the beauty of your lawn. The jagged grass edges also offer an easier way for both diseases and parasites to enter your grass. Using a mower with dull blades also means spending more time and energy on the task.

Consistent commercial lawn maintenance is key to protecting your property. However, this is only possible if you do everything right. It is advisable to entrust the work to a commercial lawn care company to avoid making regrettable mistakes.

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