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How to Make Your Business Easy to Find Online and Offline

When you say you have a business, how do you explain how to find out about your offers? Do you tell them to look for your name on Facebook or have a business card? Do you have a pin on Waze or Google Maps? To market your business better, you have to make it easy for customers to find it—both online and offline. Otherwise, where are they going to learn about what products and services you offer?

Remember that customers want nothing more than for things to be convenient for them. This is the premise of e-commerce. They do not have to go out of the house to buy something they want. All they need is to open their phones, tap a few keys, and they’ll receive the items in days (sometimes, hours, if it’s same-day delivery). This is the same ideology that you should keep in mind whenever you want to make it easy for customers to find your business online and offline. Make it convenient for them to find you in the real world and online, so they wouldn’t have any reason not to check you out.

Physical Location

Think about how your customers look for your business address. Do they look for it on the internet or social media? Do they find it in the receipt of previous purchases? While it is easy enough to find your actual address, what’s difficult is locating it on a map or the actual street or road. Most small businesses cannot afford to rent a unit in a well-known street or commercial complex. Instead, they rent an obscure office unit in an even more obscure office building.

To make it easy for customers to find your office or store, make sure there’s a map on your Facebook page or website. This will give them a better idea of how to go to your place. Better, make sure there’s an address plaque made of stone by your door, so the customers know that they arrived at the right place. This little detail will do a lot to make the whole process of locating your office easier and more convenient for customers.

Using the internet, apps, and tools, set the pin on your location. When customers need to get to your store, they must enter your business name in the app. The map will take them straight to your front door. It will also help if you can add information about parking lots near your store or office. This way, customers would know if they should take their cars or grab a taxi. Another way to help them get to your office is to include information on what bus and train to take to get there.

Online Presence

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Your business’ physical location isn’t the only thing important. It’s also critical to have an online presence that potential customers are drawn to. But with a lot of competition out there, how are you different from all the other organizations? How are you going to separate yourself? It is difficult to bring more attention to yourself on the internet because of the many distractions there. After all, unless you are Kylie Jenner, no one is interested in what you do.

But the best thing about the digital world is the many tools available to you. It takes a lot of effort to be known online, yes, but it is not impossible. Thanks to influential marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization, there’s a definitive way for your market to notice you. So, how do you get them there? First, you have to raise brand awareness through social media events, blogging, and engagement.

Once people know your business, they will most likely follow and react to your social media posts. This is when you focus on engagement and leading customers from your Facebook page to your blog. Once in your blog, you can use the power of SEO to begin raising awareness about your brand and turning regular passersby into actual customers. Engaging them through blogs and expert opinions will create a seller-buyer relationship that can last for a long time.

The formula to attracting customers these days is pretty simple: make everything convenient. And the most important thing about making everything convenient for your customers is to make your business available anytime and anywhere. If you are accessible and reachable to customers, they will also feel comfortable doing business with you. Once you understand this characteristic of every business, it becomes easier to plan your marketing and advertising strategies.

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