10 Ways to Maintain a Clean and Organized Commercial Office

In a commercial office, many people come and go from the space on any given day. To maintain a clean and organized environment for all employees, it is important to implement some key changes in your cleaning routine.

You can keep an eye out for messes before they happen and avoid costly mistakes by following these tips.

1. Have Employees Designate “Hang Up” Areas

If you are struggling to keep your employees accountable for hanging up their coats and backpacks, designate specific office areas where they can hang these items.

This way, if someone is looking for something that has been misplaced or lost, they will know where to look first. Having designated hangers near workstations will also prevent employees from using nearby chair backs as coat racks.

2. Organize Desk Drawers

Employees often have multiple desk drawers at their disposal to store necessary office supplies throughout the day. Unfortunately, though, many people simply throw these supplies into drawers haphazardly, which causes things to become disorganized and cluttered within a short amount of time.

Instead of letting things pile up in this manner, designate specific items for each drawer and have your employees keep them neat and tidy.

3. Prioritize Cleaning Tasks

Although it is important to maintain a clean social area within the office, you will oftentimes get more bang for your buck by prioritizing other areas that are typically ignored or left unattended.

For example, if there are cubicles located along walls instead of near windows, they will often collect dust much quicker than other areas in the room.

4. Invest in an Office Cleaning Service

If you find that you are constantly struggling with maintaining a clean and organized commercial office space on top of everything else that comes with running a business, you may want to consider hiring an outside company to do the work for you.

Various companies are able to provide commercial office cleaning services that will help maintain a clean space for your employees while also helping you save valuable time each week.

5. Keep Trash Bins Streamlined


Keeping trash bins streamlined is extremely important because it can prevent the office from becoming overrun with waste over time.

If there are too many scattered throughout the room or if they are not emptied regularly, employees may begin using other spaces within the office as receptacles instead, which could lead to clutter and odors.

6. Keep Parking Spaces Clean

If there are amenities like parking lots or garages, make sure that you keep these areas clean and free of trash to avoid unnecessary messes.

Employees will often throw away their sodas, cigarettes, and other materials in spaces like these because they do not have designated receptacles nearby. Hire commercial parking lot sweeping services to maintain the area regularly.

7. Make Sure the Restroom is Tidy

Even though it seems like a no-brainer, you would be surprised by how many offices become overrun with paper towels and other trash in the restrooms.

Ensure that all employees maintain their personal restroom area to avoid more significant issues within the facility and keep restrooms stocked with necessary supplies.

8. Organize File Cabinets

To maintain a clean and organized commercial office, employees must keep their paperwork in check. Ensure that all filing cabinets are organized and streamlined to avoid unnecessary clutter within the office space, which can cause distractions and other issues within the environment.

If you find that your file cabinets are becoming cluttered, consider hiring a company to help restore them back to their original condition.

9. Create an Effective Plan for Cleaning

Whether you are managing a commercial office building or working with an outside cleaning company, it is important that you have a specific plan to maintain cleanliness on both a proactive and reactive basis.

For example, many facilities will institute scheduled downtime throughout the week when the cleaning crew can come in and perform necessary tasks without disrupting daily business activities. This ensures that large messes don’t get left unattended, and they also prevent larger issues like chemical spills while employees are still inside the facility.

10. Remove Furnishings That Are Not Being Used

Finally, make sure that you remove any furniture items that are not being used throughout the facility.

If an office chair is not being actively utilized by your employees, either put it out in the hallway for others to use or consider donating it to a local charity if possible. This can reduce clutter and help create larger open spaces for all of your employees to perform their tasks.

By following these tips, you will be able to create an environment where everyone is able to focus on their work without being distracted by various messes, clutter, or odors.

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