What Kind of Jewelry Can Modern Men Wear?

The days when men wore accessories that had a specific purpose are long gone. Even though mobile phones nowadays have turned wristwatches useless, men continue to wear timepieces on their wrists. Jewelry is a means of expressing one’s individuality and a means of personalizing one’s appearance.

Choose pieces that you can wear in various ways and look great on you every day. To get the most out of a piece of jewelry, it’s best to invest in a necklace, ring, or bracelet that doesn’t overshadow your work attire but offers a tasteful complement to your weekend attire. It’s definitely worth the money and will eventually be a signature accessory to your style. The following items are worthy of consideration for your personal collection.


Even while cufflinks have a practical use, that doesn’t make them less valuable as a piece of jewelry (since they add to a person’s style). Other than rings, cufflinks are possibly the most often worn piece of a man’s jewelry nowadays. Although plenty of these jewelry pieces come in inexpensive materials, platinum, silver, white, rose, and yellow gold are some of the most costly valuable metals that make up cufflinks. To guarantee that your silver links will last for generations to come, you can have them highly plated with gold or platinum.

It’s not uncommon for men to embellish their cufflinks with lacquer or semi-precious gemstone inlays, including rubies, sapphires, onyx, or lapis lazuli. Sometimes, people also prefer using shells like jade or pearls for the materials to make them. However, you will need to wear shirts designed explicitly for cufflinks, such as a folded-over double cuff shirt or a French cuff. You can also wear cufflinks with a single-cuffed shirt for White Tie. However, if you opt to wear them for informal events, you can look for combination cuffs, which often have two buttonholes for their button cuffs.


Plenty of men try to avoid wearing necklaces since most see it as a minefield. Some are afraid to look too feminine or like a particular celebrity that wears too many chains.

You can wear minimalist necklaces with a sentimental value above your shirt, or you can tuck it in, with only the chain peeking out surrounding your neck. A trendy mid-chest length chain necklace adds flair to a simple T-shirt and pants for that authentic look. Moreover, avoid wearing bulky and heavy chains or those adorned with diamonds. Opt for something a little more distinctive and ruggedly elegant if you want to pull off the high-polish style.

To layer jewelry, you can start with a long, plain 24-inch chain (you can overlay a pendant or leave it as is) and overlay a chain that’s 22 inches long with a pendant. When it comes to fashion, it’s all about mixing and matching complementary metals.



A man’s jewelry collection is incomplete without rings, primarily since it often represents family or marriage. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t play around a bit with your style.

If you’re looking for a ring that’s a little more interesting than your standard band, the iced-out ring is a great choice. And it isn’t only for famous or well-off people too. In particular, they look great when you inscribe them with your initials, a family crest, or a symbol that means a lot to you.

Otherwise, the greatest advice is to remember is to keep things simple and eternal. You can match your wedding band with a sterling silver ring (on a separate finger, of course) if they’re of the same material; it’s the mix that’s always on style.


Nowadays, we’re seeing more minimalist and sophisticated bracelets that a man can wear alone or layered, rather than the previously heavier metal or leather ones. Try pairing a classic cuff bracelet with one that has a different texture, such as leather or rope. However, make sure it doesn’t look like your arm’s having a party.

It’s better to think of numerous bracelets like balancing an equation when you plan on wearing more than two. If you want to make a statement with your bracelet, make sure you don’t put on a too heavy or distracting combination. You can add that metallic touch to your other wrist if you already have a wedding ring and a watch on the other hand.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you want to wear your jewelry, be sure it’s what you love wearing and something you’ll be able to put on and take off with ease every day. How you see a jewelry piece’s worth depends on all the memories, trips, adventures, and critical milestones that you went through with it.

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