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It’s All Just a Big Ball Game

Life is just one big ball game. We are all but mere players waiting our turn, just following the rules and making sure we score points to win at the end. That’s probably why the world is so keenly focused on sports and entertainment. Not only do they spark a certain type of enjoyment; they also bring activity and excitement to an otherwise dull life.

It would be hard to imagine a world without sports. Every country and city has a stake in these action-packed activities. To some, they’re a livelihood. To others, they’re a daily source of entertainment. Sports are a lot of things, but the general population agrees on one thing: the world will not survive without sports. They are already that deeply integrated into everyone’s lives.


The league of baseball began as early as the mid-19th century when the National League was founded in 1876. While it used to be a classic game that used a ball filled with wool yarn, the evolution of technological innovation made a large impact on the game itself. For example, tools are often used to measure the location between pitches, their speed, and their intensity. There are even radar guns for baseball that professionals use to gauge the speed of a pitch. Typically, those who want to measure this stand behind the pitcher and point the gun toward the general direction of the ball being thrown.

Baseball is very widely known. It acknowledges no age limit (hello, Little League!), and hinders no gender from playing. Baseball has pretty much shaped the lives of many people. A lot of little boys likely grew up dreaming of hitting that perfect home run—and have since then shaped their lives in accordance with this.


People playing basketball

The depth of which basketball has integrated itself into the whole world is not lost on the general population (RIP Kobe!). Never mess with an American and his favorite basketball team. People learn this the hard way.

Basketball originated at the International YMCA Training School through a group of college students struggling to find something to pass the time. Who knew this would evolve into something so intently monitored by a significant chunk of the population? The emergence of basketball birthed so many different industries and livelihoods. It created a culture. What used to be just something to pass the time is now an integral slice of every social group.

The world of sports is complex and layered, but its concept is easy enough to understand. It is in the nature of humans to call to each other and socialize. From this, different types of sports are born; and contrary to popular belief, sports do not need high-quality tools or equipment! Keeping it simple has always worked for many. It’s just a matter of perspective. One could have just as much fun with a ball of crumpled up paper, as compared to an expensive basketball. All of it is, after all, just a game—albeit some consider it a game of life.

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