How to Clean Your Home Fast (and Without Fuss)

House cleaning can be quite a tedious chore. At the same time, it can be utterly demanding, especially if you live in a spacious home, and you have a lot of items to arrange and shelves to dust. With that in mind, it only follows that the entire cleaning process may take the time that you may spend the whole day getting every nook and cranny squeaky clean (especially if you’re doing spring cleaning). However, that does not always have to be that way.

Apparently, there are some ways you can make the entire activity fast and effortless. Obviously, you are not supposed to beat your timer or a police radar gun, but you will definitely find that getting your home clean within minutes can be quite easy through these tips.

Here are some of the pointers you may want to take into account:

Clean regularly

Some people wait until the weekend to fully clean their houses. And as the weekend comes, they may find themselves spending half of the day to make sure everything is already sparkling clean. Because you’re after efficiency, you may want to avoid using up your time on cleaning during the weekend. You can do that by simply cleaning your home regularly during the weekdays. For instance, before you leave home for work, do some light dusting and sweeping. Before you finish showering, you may want to scrape the dirt off the showerhead or scrub the bathroom tiles. And once you arrive home after your workday, you may want to sweep the floor again, clear the clutter, and put back the items in their respective shelves.

Start from top to bottom.

When you’re cleaning your space, do not start by wiping off the dust on your coffee table book and then sweeping the floor. You may realize that they will get dusty and dirty later on because your ceilings and window blinds still have dirt. So what you should do is to start cleaning from top to bottom. Dust the ceiling fan and cornices and then sweep the walls until all dirt has fallen onto the lower surface. Then clean the mid-level surfaces, such as tables and cabinets. Once done, vacuum all the fallen dirt on the floor.


Use a vacuum cleaner.

Some people prefer sweeping the floor, but the constant swooshing action may disturb dirt and disperse it throughout the house. To save time and clean faster, why not use a vacuum cleaner? But before you start vacuuming your home, you may want to turn off your ceiling fan and air-conditioner. Combat dust and compliment the action of your vacuum cleaner by using a microfiber cloth or wipe to clean hard-to-reach areas and surfaces.

Establish a system that works

Speed-cleaning requires you to have a system that does away with the unnecessary. This means that your steps are already defined from the get-go. For instance, you may want to start working on one room at a time then proceed to the other once you’re done. You may want to dust everything first before you start cleaning the floor. If you want to refine your technique and system, it would be wise to seek tips penned by experts, such as Marie Kondo.

Home clean home!

A clean home only happens when you actually work on clearing the dirt and clutter. It can be quite tedious and demanding but understand that some techniques will allow you to work faster. More than these techniques, you will realize that having a clean-as-you-go mindset will do many wonders – so start this habit now!

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