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How Non-Profits Can Boost Their Online Presence

The unique challenges involved in managing a non-profit require an effective marketing strategy that will help achieve the goals of the organization. With a strong marketing strategy, more people will know about your non-profit and what you do. Afterward, there will be a boost in your funding and resources.

As traditional marketing is getting more and more expensive, many organizations are turning to the internet. With the insanely broad reach and affordable costs of digital marketing, it only takes the right strategy and consistent implementation to market your organization to the right people at the right time.

Draft a comprehensive digital marketing strategy

Before you go ahead and create a website or social media pages, it’s crucial to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. What are your goals for digital marketing, and how will you achieve it?

Your digital marketing strategy is a plan of action that clearly states what your goals are for your organization and what channels and tactics are you going to use to achieve those goals.

You should know that digital marketing has many areas, and each of these areas works with one another to achieve your goals. One area is content marketing where you’ll use different types of content like blog posts and videos to gain attention. Another area is social media marketing where you’ll use social media to amplify your message/content and reach as many audiences as possible.

Another area is SEO marketing. SEO marketing is a bit too technical and hard to learn, making it essential to work with professionals that offer Mountain Home SEO services.

From your digital strategy, it should be clear what areas of digital marketing strategy you’re going to use and how they are going to interact with one another to achieve your goals.

Bring the right people into the team

Young employees giving each other high fivesWithout a dedicated digital marketing team, it’s hard to build any momentum. You need at least the following people to make your dream team:

  • Marketing strategist – this is the chief manager of the group, keeping track of the progress and deciding on digital promotion efforts
  • Social media manager – must be well-versed in using social media and engaging with the right people
  • Content creator – must know how to create engaging content like blog posts, videos, and photos
  • Data analyst – analyses data to identify effective campaigns and rooms for improvement
  • Technical specialist – must know the basics of coding

Non-profits often suffer from a lack of workforce, but you can be flexible here. If you have a staff writer, give him/her training materials on how to write for an online audience. You can also train someone on how to manage social media accounts.

Be consistent in your implementation

Building momentum with few, staggered efforts is hard. The implementation of your strategy should be consistent. One blog post every few months isn’t going to build the audience that you want. Your team should produce and market engaging content consistently before you start seeing your desired results.

Whether you want to get more donations or to change people’s attitude and behavior towards your cause, digital marketing is one of the critical ways to achieving your goals. The power of the internet is limitless. It’s up to you and your team to make it happen.

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