Have You Lost Your CSCS Replacement Card?

In the event you lose your CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) replacement card, you must act fast and start the replacement process, as discussed in the video. This is because someone may pass it off as their own. So, here’s a straightforward step-by-step guide on how you can replace your lost CSCS replacement card:

1. Report the Loss

This is the quickest and most convenient process you should start with. As soon as you realize the card is missing, immediately report it to CSCS.

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You can either contact them through their helpline or visit their website. As a result, they will deregister your lost card, preventing it from misuse.

2. Verify Your Identity

Upon making a report to CSCS that your card is lost, they will require you to confirm your identity to issue a replacement card. As such, ensure you’re prepared with the necessary documents such as a driving license, birth certificate and passport.

3. Apply Online or by Phone

Whether you decide to use your phone or apply from their website, it doesn’t matter. Instead, what matters is that you’ve applied. So, ensure you follow the instructions keenly and provide accurate information to avoid delays.

4. Pay the Replacement Fee

As with a fresh application, replacing a lost CSCS card can incur fees. Be ready to make such payments during the application. Otherwise, your application process could be delayed. Additionally, be sure to check the payment options available at the time of the application, since they often change from time to time.

5. Wait for the Processing

Once every one of these stages is properly done, you’ll be compelled to wait for your CSCS card to be fully processed. Upon completion, it will be delivered to you in a couple of days or weeks, depending on the delivery method you picked.

Final Thoughts

Losing a CSCS card can be stressful. But if you act fast, you can prevent issues such as impersonation when someone else decides to use it. Most importantly, always ensure you keep your card safe to avoid future losses.


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