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Five Things Your Business Can Outsource Nowadays

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. Also, you always want to be on top of your game. However, with so much work to attend to like marketing, logistics, administrative tasks, and so on, eventually, it gets daunting. Doing all these with your small crew of people is time-consuming and, financially speaking, unwise.

The best solution available to cater to the need of accomplishing several equally important tasks is by outsourcing. Furthermore, as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc, more employers and companies are compelled to resort to a work-from-home setup. Hence, outsourcing company-related tasks come in handy.

Not only are you assured that the task you outsourced is accomplished well by people who are experts in their field, but it is also cheaper compared to direct hires. You do not have to worry anymore about employee insurance, dental and healthcare, and other government-mandated benefits.

To give you an idea of what company tasks you can outsource, thus making your business process more efficient, listed below are five of those.

Administrative Duties

Number one on the list is hiring a virtual assistant (VA) for your repetitive and small administrative tasks. Having a virtual assistant makes you more productive as it allows you to identify important tasks that require your immediate attention.

Moreover, hiring a home-based virtual assistant is not expensive. Nevertheless, payment should always be based on the VA’s experience, the number of tasks, and hours of work.

Since you essentially have a duplicate of yourself when hiring a VA, it is important to build trust and rapport. It is important as well not only to pay your VA on time but also to give praise to your VA for any job well done.

Digital Services

Digital services encompass several online business solutions, from content creation and web optimization to customer support and email encryption. With the global trend leaning towards digitalization, availing digital services for your business not only benefits your company but your customers as well.

For most Americans, social media is part of their everyday routine. As an entrepreneur, you know that making a good impact on social media allows your brand to get noticed. But with so much work at hand, you do not have time to focus on branding. Thus, outsourcing the management of your social media platforms comes in handy.

Today, not only are web designing, development, and maintenance best left to experts. Even the creative works for your company can be outsourced. A lot of business owners resort to advertising banner outsourcing, logo design outsourcing, and even 2D game art outsourcing.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Nowadays, it has become practical for businesses to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting activities. Bookkeeping allows you to check how financially healthy your company is. However, being an entrepreneur means you are always on the operations side of your business. You hardly have time to focus on your business finances.

Outsourcing bookkeeping activities comes with several benefits. For one, you can save more money than hiring an in-house accountant. Second, with the experts you hire, you have assured accuracy. And lastly, it saves you the headache and time of understanding the ever-changing laws governing taxes.


Manually managing payroll in-house is not difficult if you only have a small team, but once you start hiring more people with different salary grades, it becomes a nightmare. Moreover, the manual system of payroll management is prone to human error. It might lead to salary disputes and other unforeseen circumstances.

Outsourcing the payroll management of your company to experts is cheaper. On top of that, you dodge the cumbersome task of keeping track of the latest federal and state laws governing wages and taxes. You can now pour all your focus on your core business.

Human Resource

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Another essential task in your company which you could outsource is hiring and recruitment. Presently, there are several external human resource agencies trained at screening suitable applicants, checking references, and job advertising. Furthermore, they are more up to date with current employment standards than you are.

Posting job vacancies, applicant screening, background confirmations, interviews, and salary negotiations, takes up a lot of time and energy—not to mention money. Therefore, to be more efficient in running your business, you leave this task to experts in the field.

Final Thoughts

Before settling with your decision to outsource tasks in your company, not only should you consider the cost-efficiency that comes with it but also examine other factors. Some of these are the business reputation of the outsourcing company, the calculated risks that come along with outsourcing, and communication and collaboration. All of these will add to the success of your outsourcing.

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