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Do Truly Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Exist?

Nothing is as fulfilling as entering a pristine and clean space knowing well that you are protected. But is it even possible to have a spotless surface using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies? This is an important question because as much as a clean environment is necessary, promoting sustainability is an even greater agenda these days. As public concern for the environment grows, the commercial sector has not been left behind. Facilities are now using “green” commercial cleaning products extensively.

Reasons to Use Earth Friendly Cleaning Products

Ingredients of a common cleaning product can have an adverse effect on the environment. As you use a product, some of its contents enter the atmosphere via evaporation and through the drain as a liquid. Cleaning materials can also be exposed to concentrated substances that could affect people. Exposure to other people can also be undesirable.

Eye and skin irritation are some of the issues associated with non-green cleaning products. Regular cleaning compounds may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which affect both outdoor and indoor air. The objective of eco-friendly cleaning items is to eliminate pollution hazards such as these.

Confusion Regarding Eco-Friendliness of Cleaning Products

Because of the craze for eco-friendly products, there is widespread confusion regarding what product is green and which one is not. The presence of many standards does not help matters. Many of the so-called “eco-friendly” products contain toxic chemicals. A true eco-friendly cleaning product may contain chemicals, but it follows the standards set in the Cradle-to-Cradle system.

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Contents of the Standard

There are five levels of the cradle-to-cradle standard: renewable energy, material health, material utilization, water stewardship, and social fairness. The material health criterion ensures the evaluation of the cleaning product for human impact throughout the supply chain. Water stewardship is designed to regard water as a precious resource for everyone and everything. Social fairness focuses on commercial cleaning supplies companies to have operations that benefit the planet and the peoples of the world.

The Best Cleaning Products

Apart from being safe, the best cleaning products for both commercial and residential use are cost-effective, powerful, and practical. Based on the Cradle-to-Cradle standard highlighted above, it is imperative for manufacturers to keep human and environmental safety in mind. At the very least, a cleaning product should be toxin-free.

The ingredients of such a product should be developed or grown sustainably. Of course, many providers label their products “green” and “eco-friendly,” knowing very well that they do not have such attributes. There is even a name for such products- green-washed. If you want to avoid such commercial cleaning products, look for the CarbonFree® Certified label. This label was created to help the consumer get truly eco-friendly products.

Cleaning supplies can have far-reaching effects on the environment and people. Thankfully, suppliers are putting efforts into developing products that are eco-friendly in the creation, packaging, and distribution stages of the supply chain. They may have the certification label –which is a good indication-, but eventually, you need to research thoroughly to unearth the truth about a product.

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