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Change in Company Branding: What Else Needs to Change?

Branding is an essential aspect of a company. It is what consumers remember when they think of a product or service. To create a successful brand, a company must be able to identify its target audience and create marketing materials that appeal to them. Additionally, a company must maintain a consistent branding strategy across all channels, including online and offline marketing.

A recent study by Forbes Insights found that strong brands can command premiums of up to 20% over similar products without a strong brand. In addition, well-branded companies are more likely to successfully attract and retain customers. According to the study, brand strength correlates directly with customer loyalty and willingness to recommend a company’s products or services to others.

However, there might be times when your company branding has to change. Some reasons include a change in the target market, a rebranding of the company, or a change in product offerings. Whatever the reason, it is essential to consider what else needs to change along with the company branding. Here are a few things to consider.

Company Website

If you are changing your company branding, it is important also to update your website. Your website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. Make sure that your website reflects the new branding strategy. This includes updating the logo, colors, images, and copy. Updating any links to your website to reflect the new domain name or URL is also essential.

Your social media accounts are another way potential customers can interact with your brand. If you have updated your company branding, make sure also to update your social media accounts. This includes updating each account’s profile picture, cover photo, and bio. Additionally, consider creating new social media ads that reflect the new branding strategy.

Your website and social media accounts are also ideal for content regarding your changed company branding. Whether it is a blog, a press release, an explainer video, or a website headline, you can create content that helps to explain the change in branding and why it is happening.

Customer Service and Marketing

If you are changing your company branding, it is essential to communicate the change to your customer service team. They will be the front line when dealing with customers who have questions or concerns about the change. Make sure they stay prepared to answer any questions that customers might have. Additionally, consider updating your customer service scripts to reflect the new branding strategy.

Any marketing materials should get updated to reflect the new company branding. This includes business cards, flyers, brochures, and email templates. If you have a physical store, update any signage or displays. You want potential customers to see that your brand has changed and that you are still the same great company they know and love.

Office Branding

A fully branded office space

The company should always be consistent with how it gets branded on the inside. If you have changed your company branding, ensure that your office space reflects the new look and feel. This strategy might include repainting walls, updating furniture, or changing the décor. You want your employees to feel proud of their workspace and for it to reflect the new company branding.

Unfortunately, you might need help from interior and fit-out specialists to help with the office rebranding. Fortunately, you can partner with a construction recruitment company when attempting to identify the most talented candidates in the industry.

Suppliers and Partners

If you have changed your company branding, it is crucial to communicate the change to any suppliers or partners you work with moving forward. This includes updating them on any new logos, colors, or taglines. You want to ensure that they can still provide you with the same quality products and services that you have come to expect. Additionally, consider updating any contracts or agreements in place to reflect the new branding strategy.

Communicating the Change

Whenever there is a change in company branding, it is crucial to communicate the change to all employees. This includes holding meetings, sending emails, or creating an intranet site where employees can find all the information they need. You want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that they understand the new branding strategy. Additionally, consider holding a training session so employees can effectively communicate the latest brand to customers and potential customers.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Changing your company branding can be a daunting task. However, it is essential to remember that change can be good. If you are not happy with the current state of your brand, then a change might be exactly what you need. Communicate the change to all employees, customers, and partners. Additionally, update your website and social media accounts. And finally, don’t forget to update your office space to reflect the new branding strategy.

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