Car Hacks: Keep Your Racing Vehicle in Perfect Condition

A winning racing program is a combination of a driver who’s well-skilled and a performance car that’s well-maintained. One factor cannot function without the other. Even if you place your bet on the best driver in the competition, you’ll most likely end up losing your wager if the vehicle used was poorly maintained. If you want to keep your racing car in perfect condition, follow these maintenance tips from the industry’s best:

Invest in a High-quality Performance Exhaust System

The exhaust system is more than just pipes that expel fumes. Its engine is an air pump that is responsible for creating the power that affects your auto’s overall performance. To ensure your racing vehicle will work efficiently on the field, always check and clean the pipes.

However, it’s also crucial that your exhaust system isn’t one of those cheap and substandard products found in second-hand shops. The fake or weak components in these products can add extra weight to your baggage and hinder your performance on the field. If you want to maximize your car’s drivability, make sure to buy only from trusted performance exhaust sellers in Melbourne.

Have the Tyres Checked by Professionals

Racing takes a beating on your auto’s wheels, which, as you know, are vital for speeding and your overall racing experience. The tire pressure also changes over time due to several factors, such as temperature and atmospheric pressure, so make it a habit to have it adjusted at least four times a year.

When not kept in check, the tires can have depressions and cracks or run the risk of a blowout during a race. These risks can even endanger your life on the road. Before a race—and we’re not talking about minutes before the actual race—make sure to have your tires checked by a professional mechanic to ensure both your safety and performance for the upcoming competition.

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Clean the Radiator at Least Once a Week

The maintenance of this part of your vehicle depends on how often you race. Especially if you race more often and on dirt, it is highly advised that you clean your radiator at least once a week. Thorough flushing using a water hose will do the trick. Make sure to flush from back to front and clean the radiator filters as well.

Choose the Right Fuel at the Pump

You probably know this already, but it won’t hurt us to remind you of the number one rule in fuels: different engines require different octane levels. You might need to opt for the more expensive option at the gas station, but it’s worth the money if you want your vehicle to run more efficiently. It can be costly, but it will save you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement. For more information about your fuel requirements, you can always check the door on the driver’s side.

Store Your Car Properly

Keeping your racing car in the garage might be the most convenient option, but you want to consider the climatic conditions. An ordinary vehicle can thrive in a typical depot, but an auto used for racing requires a less humid environment with a stable temperature. Keep your car in a storage unit near you to protect it from harsh weather elements.

Keep Your Mind and Body in Shape

Lastly, remember to condition your mind and body for a race. As a driver, you are equally important in the race as the car you’re using. With a well-executed performance and properly maintained vehicle, you are well on your way to winning the race.

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