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Business Booboos: How Not to Use the Internet in Work

There are dos and don’ts to effectively using the internet for your business. As useful as a tool and resource as the world wide web can be, it can also spell trouble or even disaster if you make the wrong moves. Make sure you take these “don’ts” into memory so you can maximize your internet strategy and avoid any issues that arise from these mistakes.

Making social media campaigns you can’t follow through on

A lot of the time, brands make social media campaigns to hook people in and generate hype for their products or services. However, you have to be careful with planning this out if you’re going to be including promises that will require excellent follow-through. For instance, if you offer free goodies to anyone who likes your posts and shares it, you might be in for a PR nightmare once around a thousand too many people do precisely that and want their rewards.

If you want to go for a big splash like this, get some consultation, no matter what industry you’re in. After all, there is even social media marketing for accountants these days.

Having a different tone for each social networking site

Yes, each social networking site has a different core demographic that uses it most. However, this doesn’t mean you should be switching up your brand tone and messaging for each page. Although different tactics need to be employed for each page, you should still maintain a cohesive voice for your brand throughout so that it’s unified and easily recognizable. If your messaging is all over the place, people will have lower retention at best and call you out for it at worst.

Using a bad internet provider

Poor internet connectivity is not only a hassle, but it can hurt your business significantly. That is a direct hit on the productivity you can have in your network and is also bad if you have customers trying to reach you. You can miss out on a lot of revenue this way, as most users click away from a non-responsive page in just three seconds. Real-time response is one of your biggest tools in the Internet age.

Not keeping track of online listings

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Online listings can grow massively to your advantage but can be massively detrimental if they are not updated or have incorrect information. You’ll want to keep a relatively active monitor on these listings. Even if you don’t get to keep track of all of them, it’s better to have control over select links than none at all.

Making a bad hashtag

There are a lot of issues that can crop up with a hashtag you didn’t think through. You can accidentally piggyback on an existent hashtag and get your message muddled up, or you can end up using a phrase that reads entirely differently than you’ve intended. That can make your hashtag go viral for all the wrong reasons. Just look at some of the most cringe-inducing hashtag fails and make sure to reread your potential tag twice over before hitting the post button.

If you can avoid making these mistakes, you should at least have a less bumpy road with the internet when doing business.

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