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Building Up Your Startup: Accelerating Your Initial Traction

One of the most challenging parts of setting up a business for the first time is that it’s an uphill battle. Not only will you need to put in a significant amount of initial investment, but you’ll also need to have a comprehensive business plan that can offer a systematic approach to success.

Just to set your expectations, there’s no “wonder strategy” that will accelerate your business to the top of the charts. Patience, grit, and the ability to read the market are vital principles that can help you with your business. Luckily, there are a variety of strategies that you can incorporate. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Sell Something That Clicks

First and foremost, every startup will need to start strong by having a clear and comprehensive plan on their business strategies. The best way of reeling in investors that are willing to put in a monetary boost for your business is an excellent way of skyrocketing your momentum.

But before you can start attracting investors, you’ll need to design a product or have a service that will “click” with your target market or the general public. You’ll need to keep in mind many components when it comes to your product and service. This will usually include the following key factors:

  1. Packaging – The first impression of your product will always last. Studies have shown that an excellent packaging strategy will usually dictate a good percentage of a customer’s experience. How a customer perceives the product will also depend on how it’s packaged.
  2. Customer service – For most businesses that don’t necessarily sell products but offer services, customer service has always played a role in a startup’s success. This isn’t a surprise when most individuals are willing to pay more just for better customer service.
  3. Marketing – Right before your business is launched, how you market your service and your product is the best way to get investors’ attention. Almost all great products and services start with a good idea. Of course, marketing should be focused on getting the word out and tapping into your target market. Most successful tech giants and companies usually rely on a myriad of marketing strategies. In some cases, companies like Tesla would attribute their success to word-of-mouth marketing to spread the word.

Building Up Your Brand

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The next thing that most companies will need to be mindful of is their reputation. Building up your brand is known for being a good way of accelerating your business’s traction. Once someone hears about your brand, they should automatically have a mental image of your products, the services that you provide, and your business’s reputation.

However, building up your brand is easier said than done. You’ll need a fair amount of patience, especially when this takes years, sometimes even decades. Both branding and packaging will go hand-in-hand together. This will usually determine the experience of most customers. This is one reason why most well-known companies are using catchy slogans, such as KFC’s “finger-lickin’ good” slogan. Some companies also use memorable and easy-to-remember logos, just the three stripes from Adidas, which they have incorporated into many of their products.

It’s also important to note that the industry that the business is in will also play a role in building your brand. For instance, transportation and fast-food are known for being successful since they are necessities that can make life more convenient for ordinary folks.

Most experts would suggest having a brand that’s customer-centric while streamlining the use of your products. Most tech companies will have a “simple” and minimalistic design philosophy since this can make it easier for users to navigate. This is why Apple’s iOS is quite popular with the general public.

Getting Professional Help

If you’re not quite sure where your business should be going in terms of direction, you might want to consider asking for help from business experts who are well-versed with startups.

Fortunately, some consultancies offer enterprise growth strategies that can help your startup grow to its full potential. Having professional advice from veterans can significantly accelerate the growth of your organization.

There are various effective means that your startup can gain momentum. The best way for you to gain traction is using data and information towards the right marketing campaign. What is the bottom line, then? The market is always changing, and hundreds of businesses are competing for the same customers. Thus, adapting and making changes to your organization can help increase the likelihood of success for your startup. You can also experience growth along the way.

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